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Recorded in the streets, caves and squares of Granada. Most of this album is collection of incredible sounds that I encountered in this magical city, some of them as Etideira (with Matias Scapa), Makalimba, are edited works. Listen with headphones for most pleasure. It has some DADA in it.

G r a n a D A D A

2011 candycactus


Recorded on the road - while nomading through South East Asia, me and JHNO carried mic, viola, electric piano on our bikes and were looking for places to record things - and then there would be roosters, and scooters.. Continuation in the Caucasus, playing with Brazilian tunes.


n o m a d i c

g a r d e n

2009 candycactus




Moods before leaving.

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v a k a r a s

2006 candycactus





    This album is a collection of pieces and songs of the period full of sadnesses and small discoveries. Therefore - somehow sentimental.


2005 candycactus

    Old piano, soviet microphone, attempts to move air and record, that is to say, to make music.


2003 candycactus




    These two are sound albums, sound letters from the places where I have passed by: Turkey, Kurdish villages, mountains in Georgia, markets in Damascus and esan - the calling to the prayer in different places.



2007 candycactus





A collection of sounds from Cuba as they are without any adding to it.

c u c u b a b a c u

2004 candycactus